Flaked Chocolate Truffles

No two Duc d’O truffles are alike. The reason is quite simple. Our airy chocolate mousse embarks on a journey through a generous bed of chocolate flakes. As it gracefully dances over them, the truffles envelop themselves in the luxury of Belgian chocolate shavings, culminating in a special delicacy that stands in a league of its own. This is why all Duc d’O truffles are decadently delicious and distinctly unique.

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At Duc d’O, we prioritize the quality of our products above all else. We ensure the use of the finest ingredients, guaranteeing excellence in every bite.

Beyond delivering exceptional taste, we take great pride in providing you with moments of joy.

Duc d’O proudly bears the ‘Belgian Chocolate’ label; every product in the Duc d’O range is crafted with 100% pure cocoa butter.